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Tools > RepSheet FULL VERSION (Homeopathic Repetorizing and Analyzing Tool)

RepSheet NEW!  
Price: $49.00

LikeCure is proud to present ...

RepSheet (Homeopathic Repertorizing Tool)

Excel Version- RepSheet 1A


RepSheet incorporates functions that can be useful to beginners and advanced users alike.

When it comes to homeopathy, it is all about finding the Simillimum. This spreadsheet gives the user a distinct advantage that has not been exposed in any text that we have seen from the 1800s to today. It is the use of temperaments in finding the right remedy for the patient. Most remedies have been defined as to the temperament that they best suit, but until now it was difficult to define the temperament of the patient. That is all over! The missing link between the temperament of the remedy and the patient is here!

Simply enter the birthdate of the patient and his/her natural tendencies toward illness and especially their temperament is revealed. The spreadsheet then finds the most common remedies for that temperament. And it may be hard to believe, but the Simillimum is commonly among those remedies most associated with the patient's temperament.

When refining the search for the Simillimum, the homeopathic practitioner can simply look at the top remedy contenders and find the one or two that fits the temperament of the patient from the list provided by RepSheet. The spreadsheet function "Remedy Check" can then be used to illuminate more information about the remedies in question with cautionary information about its use. It only takes a case or two to realize the amazing potential of this feature…

And it doesn't stop there.

We feel that this new spreadsheet application encompasses features not found in any software available at ANY PRICE! Here is a short list of features...

Repertorizing forms
for 20 symptoms and 150 Remedies for your acute cases. It could be used in a pinch for more complex chronic cases also.

Astrological and Temperament Information about the patient.

This information gives information about the patient prior to the case interrogation. Imagine finding out that your paitent tends toward intelligence and motivation rather than dullness and indolence? This information could significantly cut your time in questioning for the case allowing for more indepth exploration of the patient's ACTUAL disposition.

Miasm Check (miasmic list of remedies)
Simply enter the miasm and a list of remedies for that miasm is displayed. When treating a case by miasm, it could hardly be easier than to compare the possible miasmic remedies to those that fit your case.

Remedy Check
Would you like one place that displays general information/cautionary information, keywords, causation factors, antidotes, and inimical remedies for a specified homeopathic remedy? Here it is and a lot more. You will find the susceptibility of the current patient by miasm and temperament. Also, the appropriate bowel nosode for specific remedies is displayed. This one tool gathers information from several key homeopathic texts in one place.

Text Search
Search the general/cautionary, keywords and causation sections for any remedy in the database. There are 500+ remedies included and Text Search will find a list of remedies by the word (or partial word) you search on. Let's say that you remember a cautionary note on "pregnancy" or "being pregnant"... simply type "preg" into the search box and all remedies that pertain to "pregnancy" or "pregnant" are displayed. This in itself will save time in searching for remedies that fit some keyword you have in mind.

Remedy Abbreviations
A full list of remedy abbreviations is included to help in spelling them properly. Anyone familiar with Homeopathic remedies will feel at ease typing in the abbreviations and exploring the information that is available at your fingertips.

Bowel Nosodes
The complete list of Bowel Nosodes is covered also. Check a remedy and the associated Bowel Nosode(s) to that remedy is shown. Check a Bowel Nosode by its abbreviation and the corresponding remedies are shown that are associated to the nosode. The information on the Bowel Nosodes is current and has been thoroughly checked.

Six pages of instruction are included with RepSheet. These instructions explain the revolutionary features available in this analytical tool. We have tried to cover every feature so you are up and running in no time. Really, the features will speak for themselves if you have any background in Homeopathy.

Still not convinced?

Check the RepSheet Evaluation Version HERE.

It's FREE to try!!!


Working on CALC version.

If you are new to Homeopathy and need some background, please check our Beginner Course available HERE.

The Beginner Course also includes RepSheet as part of the course material offered!

Tools > RepSheet FULL VERSION (Homeopathic Repetorizing and Analyzing Tool)

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