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Tools > PocketRep FULL VERSION (Homeopathic Chronic Repetorizing Tool)

PocketRep NEW!  
Price: $89.00

LikeCure is proud to present ...

(Homeopathic Chronic Repertorizing Tool)

Excel Version- PocketRep 1A...

This analytical tool is another leap forward for Homeopathic practitioners.

LikeCure has loosely based this incredible spreadsheet on the ideas from "The Pocket Repertory" by P. Sankaran.


You may know that "The Pocket Repertory" is no longer in print and finding a copy is near impossible. This repertory was meant to be used at the patients bedside and quickly find the Simillimum to the case at hand. It is very compact and precise.

P Sankaran's Pocket Repertory is an amazing creation that must be studied to be believed. It is about 70 pages but it is capable of repertorizing a standard chronic case in a very short time. The more you adjust to the repertory the faster it is. And when we say that it is fast, I mean that you can repertorize a case in minutes when you have taken the case appropriately.***

Basically, this spreadsheet takes "The Pocket Repertory" by P. Sankaran and computerizes it.

This Excel spreadsheet just makes using Sankaran's Pocket Repertory that much easier. No pages to fumble with, just the listing of rubrics. The Homeopathic practitioner need only mark the symptoms that fit the patient and the spreadsheet does the rest…

And... We have included a MIASMATIC ANALYSIS of the rubrics chosen in the case...

Hahnemann, the creator of Homeopathy, suggested that each chronic case of illness should be treated with the dominant Miasm in mind; if a case was predominantly Sycotic, a Sycotic remedy should be used. Until now, it was difficult and often VERY time consuming to determine the active Miasm of a case. Not anymore!

POCKETREP takes the chosen rubrics (symptoms) marked and finds the dominant Miasm automatically. It then matches the dominant Miasm with those "most likely" remedies as far as the Miasm that they will treat. It couldn't be simpler!

We have never seen this important feature in any software. Yes, there is no other software available that accomplishes this feat for ANY price.


Here is a short list of features...

Mark the appropriate rubrics of the patient from an available list of symptoms to find the Simillimum.

The spreadsheet takes those rubrics (symptoms) marked and finds the most appropriate Miasm that is currently dominant in the patient.

When the practitioner is versed in using PocketRep, a chronic case can be repertorized in a matter of minutes.

Remedies are matched to the predominant Miasm of the patient to accomplish Miasmic prescribing suggested by Hahnemann.

All symptoms chosen (rubrics) are listed for a quick double check of the case.

And more...



Working on CALC version.

If you are new to Homeopathy and need some background, please check our Beginner Course available HERE.

The Beginner Course also includes RepSheet as part of the course material offered!

Tools > PocketRep FULL VERSION (Homeopathic Chronic Repetorizing Tool)

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